Blog Blessing

Alright I just wanted to add a little bit of a "blog blessing" the same as I would a new Book of Shadows. Technically this will be an interactive online Book of Shadows that we will share with each other. This blessing is not completely mine, it is a mixture of a couple of blessings that I found online and picked through, piecing together the parts that I liked and deleted the ones I didn't. Feel free to use it for your own personal books if you choose to.

Hearken as the wytches word
Calls the Lady and the Lord
Bridge the vast realities
An harm none, do as ye please
Moon above, Mother Earth below
Sky's cool blue and Sun's hot glow
Lend us your strength and stability
To practice the Craft in love, and be free
In this right and ready hour
Fill these words with thine ancient power
By the gods old and those yet born
And the wind that precedes the storm
By the water that cleanses the soul
And the fires that burn ages untold
By the gentle earth from which we come
This blessing shall not be undone
Guardians of the four directions
Please hear us now and lend thy protection
Watch over these pages with thine eyes
For they hold truths of earth and skies
And to the unschooled eye that see
Confusing words and pagan mystery
Lead them from these sacred pages
And bless their passage through the ages
For your wisdom and knowledge do I ask
That this blog be worthy of its task
Help these shadows to prove their worth
As they are cherished at my hearth
Infuse them with all your healing and passion
So only good comes from the work thus fashioned
Bless these pages with all that you know
That these seekers may learn and grow
And as it is filled with knowledge and charms
May this blog be protected from all harm
But to these wytches whose blog this be
May the path be plain to see
And through all the coming ages
May they find a home among these pages
This Book of Shadows we do bless
As the elements will attest
By my will this do we wish
As we seal it with spell and kiss
As we will
So mote it be

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