Friday, June 8, 2012

L is for Love

This will be my first official post and it happens to correspond with the first L day on the Pagan Blog Project of 2012, which is sponsored by Rowan Pendragon of It is a wonderful project were bloggers worldwide simultaneously post blogs concerning paganism and the occult.Since today is letter L and I have decided that my first post should carry some weight I have decided to discuss the connection between paganism and love.

Love is the driving force for any and all decisions that human beings make. This is why there is such a huge following for paganism, Wicca, and other Earth-based religions, because they are grounded in love. In this modem-day technological world it is very easy to find yourself disconnected from everything: coworkers, family, friends, nature, and the divine. You may begin to feel that you are alone and worse, that everyone will trample you in pursuit of their own gain.

Yet Wicca and most pagan religions stress community and support and above all love: love for one-self, love for others, love for nature, and love for a divine being. This love has no qualifications and no boundaries, it is giving fully and unconditionally.

Within love lies the strength of the pagan movement. Though we may never become mainstream like Christinity or Buddism, we will never crumble because we have forged our foundation out the strongest material in existence.

So I just want to say one more thing ...... I LOVE YOU GUYS!! :)

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