Sunday, June 10, 2012


I would like to do a very special post today honoring a large group of people.

In 2005, Sgt. Patrick Stewart lost his life in Afghanistan. He was the first known Wiccan soldier to lose his life. His widow wanted the pentacle to be etched onto his grave marker. The Department of Veterans Affairs denied her request because the pentacle was not on their approved list of religious symbols. It took the efforts of Celia, Rev. Selena Fox, Roberta Stewart and many others to get the pentacle onto that list. Now Sgt. Stewart rests in piece underneath the symbol that stands for everything he believed in.

The pagan singer Celia wrote a beautiful song in Sgt. Stewart's honor and it is one of the most moving and bittersweet songs I have ever heard. This song depicts all the battles we have to face as pagans just to practice our faith. It also shows that tenacity and the fire that gives us the courage and the strength to meet those battles head on.  Symbol is one of those songs that creeps into your head and your heart and pulls every ounce of emotion out of you leaving you feeling raw and open. It is a song that should definitely be on every pagans playlist.

Sgt. Stewart you are missed, loved, and honored and may you revel in the love and light of the God and Goddess until you return once more.

Celia you are an inspiration and a pillar of strength for the pagan community. May the God and Goddess bless you days with happiness.

And all the blessings in the world to soldiers past and present.

Here is a video of Celia singing Symbol live.

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