Friday, August 24, 2012

Barefoot Beauty

Hey guys. Y'all are probably mad at me 'cus I didn't post Wednesday like I said I would. It's been kinda hectic this week starting back to school and having to juggle classes with work for the first time. So it might take me a little while to get back into the groove of posting regularly, but I will get there.

Well today is supposed to be my Pagan Blog Project post. However, today's letter is "Q". Okay so this is like the toughest letter ever to come up with topics about (besides like Z but that's a rant for another time). So instead of coming up with a subpar post that I hate and that probably will suck majorly, I think I'm just going to skip it and if I ever come up with a good idea I'll post it late.

So instead of doing PBP, I'm gonna do the newest prompt from Sunfire over at Pagan Blog Prompts.

How do you feel about going barefoot?
Do you? When, how? Where?
And of course, why?

Well I have always preferred to be barefoot since I was a kid. I take of my shoes any chance I get. There just something freeing and innocent about not having shoes. I love walking around my backyard without shoes and having the grass tickle my toes. Walking barefoot on the beach is my all time favorite guilty pleasure. Scrunching my toes in the sand and having the cool ocean water lap against my ankles. OMG it's almost profane in its pleasure.

Going barefoot as become especially important to me in the past few years, since I have embraced my path as a pagan. I have never felt closer to Mother Earth as I have here recently. Coming to the realization that I was pagan and all that it encompassed opened up a line of communication between me and the earth that had only been cracked for a very long time. Removing my shoes not only physically puts me closer to the earth, but it also symbolically removes the barriers between me and my mother. Having that physical connection strengthens my spiritual connection to her.

It is a beautiful experience to stand under the pecan trees in the field next to my house, feeling the grass and soil beneath my toes and the warmth from the setting sun on my skin. Watching the leaves above filter the late afternoon sun while casting playfull patterns of light over me. Listening to the forlorn sound of whippoorwills and the gentle rustle of leaves has a cool breeze caresses my skin. Tasting rain in the air and hoping it will catch me before I go inside. Smelling the scents of fresh cut grass mixed with pine and oleander.

That moment would not be as sublime if that sense of touch was removed because that skin to earth connection was broken. That is why I go barefoot.

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