Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mother Nature Strikes Back

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while. This weekend was a girls weekend with my BFF so we vegged on pizza and Bourne movies. We also saw the new Total Recall which is really good. It reminded me of Inception because of the whole question of wether memories are real or implanted and if it even matters. I kinda liked the one character's take on memories: they are just chemical reactions in your brain brought on by sensory perceptions and implanted memories just take out the middle man. Overall it was really good especially when your in the mood for an ass-kicker.

I couldn't post yesterday cus lightning hit a pine tree in our front yard and blew off a trail off back going sown the side. Thats not all though the lighting ran down the tree to the water pipes nearby and then all the way to the well pump out back. At one point the pipe couldn't handle the pressure and exploded. So now the well is out and we don't have water. It must have followed the phone lines too, cus it blew the phone, the wireless router, and the e-car in the desktop so we have no Internet (thankfully we had a spare phone we could hook up so we can get calls).

The weirdest part is that almost the exact same thing happened last year at around the same time too. Lightning hit a tree in the back yard then but it still blew the well, an took out our 65" tv too...we still haven't got that thing fixed if we even can. These things amaze me: not only did the same circumstances happen but they happened almost exactly a year apart. I wonder if there is a lesson or a message in this, cus everything happens for a reason. Are we taking to much for granted and we are being shown what it would be like not to have creature comforts? Is this Mother Nature's attempt at telling us that we aren't appreciating her? I don't know, what I do know I that this proves that nature is not something that can be predicted or controlled. And as for that saying bout lightning not striking at the same place twice, I do believe that might be an old wives tale (a false one).

Well that's going to be all for tonight, I was lucky to get a chance to post what I have. I hope y'all are safe and happy and as always Blessed Be!

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