Monday, July 23, 2012

A Very Lost Wicked Wytch

Okay so today is gonna be a simple and pretty short post, but I was hoping to get some frustration off my chest and hopefully get some advice if ya'll have any.

I put in an application to one of the vet offices in town about three months ago. A few weeks after I put in the application  I got a call back from them asking me to come in for an interview. I ended up going back for another one a few weeks after that. After about a month of going back and forth for interviews, they told me I had the job as a vet tech. YAY!? Well I celebrated too soon.

I noticed something hinky after about the first week: they had not given me any paperwork to sign, which is not a good thing because that means I am not on their insurance or workman's comp which means if I get hurt they are screwed. OK weird but hey they might have just gotten distracted, it does get pretty busy there and there is a major employee shuffle going on (they are losing three techs and there are two including me in training). Well the week before last (3rd week working) I took matters into my own hands and asked the office manager about paperwork and I was wondering when I would get my first paycheck. I was told that I was still in my training period and guess what: I DON'T GET PAID FOR TRAINING! So that means they got three weeks of my labor and they don't have to give me anything for it.

Okay so I gave them one more week to get everything straightened out and put me on payroll. I know some of ya'll are wondering why I put up with it that long and that's because I am getting ready to go to vet school in about two years and working at a vet office means that I have a better chance of getting in. So I went to them today after four weeks of working and asked about paperwork and payroll. They spun me in circles and each person told me that I had to talk to someone else (RIDICULOUS).

So now I have to decide whether to bury my pride and keep going up there without getting paid so I can get the experience or tell them that I have to be put on payroll tomorrow or I walk. I don't want to leave because I love working with the animals and the possibility of a paid job seems better than going back on the hunt. Yet I am not the girl who lays down and lets people walk all over me, which is what they are trying to do.

I am definitely going to meditate tonight and see if the Goddess will give me some help. I have even considered doing a Tarot spread to see what the cards have to tell me. I might even do a money/job spell and tweak it to my particular situation.

Well that's it for today. I know it wasn't particularly pagan but it is a speed bump on my path and I need guidance from my community and deities, so that makes it spiritual and therefore pagan. If ya'll have any advice please let me know, I could really use it.

As always BLESSED BE!!

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