Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blessing Moon

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day. We grilled out for lunch and we are just having a nice day relaxing at home.

I missed the full moon yesterday (I am so disorganized). For those of you who don't know July's moon is known as the Blessing Moon.

Other names include the Buck Moon because the new antlers of young deer begin to emerge around this time, the Wort Moon because wyrt plants were gathered and stored when the sun was in Leo, and the Mead Moon because this is the time when mead was made for the harvest celebrations.

July is a time to honor the ash and oak trees, god the element of water, and goddesses Athena, Venus, and Juno. The Celtic deities Cerridwen and Lugh are also worshiped during this moon. Cerridwen is a crone goddess, part of the Celtic Triple Goddess, and is the keep of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration. Lugh is the god of skill and talent. Combining the power and energy of both these deities in your esbat magic sure ensure that your endeavors are successful.

Well this is a short post today but hey it's a holiday. I'll make sure to get back on tomorrow and post a longer one.

Brightest Blessings

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