Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Numerology, Decoding Your Personality (Part 2)

Ok so last time we talked a little about the history of numerology as well as some detailed information on the  Life Path number. Today we are going to discuss the Expression number as well as the Personality number.

Expression Number
The Expression number, also called the Destiny number, is concerned with your natural strengths and weakness that are given to you and influenced by the time your were born. This number is considered the foundation on which your Life Path rests. It is based on the letters of your full birth name (the one on your birth certificate), because your name represents the your personal history and heritage up to the moment of birth and this history shaped who you are. What we are named is no accident, our parents use intuition as a guiding force in choosing those names. I am a good example of this. My parents had two options for my name, my mom was set on one and my dad on the other. Eventually they chose the one that combined the names of my grandmothers. See, it could have gone either way, but there was a reason why they chose the one over the other, and I for one have not regretted their decision.

Pythagoras chart
Your Expression number is calculated by assigning a number to each letter in your full birth name (first, middle, and last). The number for each letter is determined by the chart to the left. The chart was created by Pythagoras and the number for each letter is determined by reducing that letter's position in the alphabet to a single digit. For example A is 1 because it is the first letter, but J is also 1 because it is the 10th letter and 1+0=1 and S is the 19th which reduces to 10 and again to one.

Next add the numbers of your first name and reduce to a single digit or a Master number (remember Master numbers are 11, 22, or 33). Do the same for your middle and last. Lastly all three numbers together and reduce to a single digit or master number.

General Example
So if your name was Emily Lynn Johnson (no that is not my name) your Expression number would be 8.

Emily = 5+4+9+3+7 = 28 = 2+8 = 10 =1+0 = 1

Lynn = 3+7+5+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2

Johnson = 1+6+8+5+1+6+5 = 32 = 3+2 = 5

1+2+5 = 8

My Example
My personal Expression number is 5. Having this Expression number means that I am a free spirit who loves change, adventure, and excitement. Freedom is a need for me and is required for me to be successful. I will try anything at least once which leaves me vulnerable for unhealthy addictions and indulgences. I am often unorganized, whether it be my thoughts or actions. However, I have a gift in communication. I have a youthful enthusiasm that can be infectious and attractive as well as annoying. I fall in and out of love frequently and I avoid shallow feelings and relationships. I tend to be self-disciplined and set myself healthy limits.

Unlike your Life Path number which details the person you ARE, your Expression number outlines who you CAN be. It is a guideline that, when followed, will lead you to the person you WANT to be.

Personality Number
Your Personality number describes the first impression that people get when meeting you. It represents the traits that you are most willing to reveal to strangers. This number acts as a censoring device, in terms of what you reveal to people as well as those people and situations that you interact with. This number is derived in a similar manner to your Expression number. However, instead of using ones full name, one only uses the consonants within that name. Vowels reveal the tender side of our personalities, traits like compassion and empathy. Consonants represent the characteristics that shield our vulnerabilities. Therefore our outer personality, the one that is represented by our Personality number, is best derived by using consonants exclusively.

General Example
Therefore, using the example from before, we would only use ML + LNN + JHNSN.

ML = 4+3 = 7

LNN = 3+5+5 = 13 = 1+3 = 4

JHNSN = 1+8+5+1+5 = 20 = 2+0 =2

7+4+2 = 13 = 1+3 = 4.

(Here is a link to a page outlining how you can determine whether the Y in your name should be counted as a vowel or a consonant)

My Example
I have a Personality number of 6. This means that I reveal myself to be understanding and compassionate. People generally sense that I am warm and fair. I tend to attract people who are in need of comfort and support. I inspire confidence and I am a figure that people feel comfortable enough to unload their burden to. I strive to uphold justice and harmony and will sacrifice personal desires for the good of others. However, I can sometimes assume the mantel of the martyr. I am always an guard of being taken advantage of due to my tendency to misjudge an individuals character. I tend to see the best in others and overlook the bad. I am domestic therefore I love children and will make a good parent. I am a romantic, faithful, and protective. I am artistic and I love music and gardens as well as having a knack for interior design. I am more concerned with my personality than my appearance and I am more likely to choose an outfit for its comfort and utility than its statement. I am generous and sometimes not very logical about finances. I am vulnerable to both praise and criticism and I am likely to worry, which causes health problems.

OK, so there are two more of the Core numbers of numerology. Hopefully I will be able to post the final two tomorrow. Remember to come back Friday to see how I link all of this into to topic of magickal names.

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