Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Respect the Veil

Hey guys, hope ya'll had a good weekend. I know I've missed a couple posts for this week, it's just been one of those weeks, and I could not think of anything to write about, but thankfully my writer's block has been cured. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Covered In Light and It's Only Cloth, I have a topic that is controversial, widespread, and extremely important for any woman whether she be Pagan or otherwise.

The topic for today is concerned with women who veil, which means they cover their head and/or hair for spiritual reasons. Covered In Light is a group, a sisterhood as they call themselves, of pagan women who have chosen or been called to veil themselves. Their mission is to raise awareness of the discrimination that women face when they do make the decision to wear a veil. These women are met with outright anger and hatred and are often shunned for their choice in dress. Those individuals who act so heinously towards these women defend themselves by claiming that veiling is wrong because it oppresses women and supports the Muslim and Islamic faiths (I will discuss this shortly). The sisterhood has decided that this year they will hold the First Annual International Covered in Light Day on which they ask women of all faiths to wear a covering to show support for women who choose to veil.

I LOVE this idea and I plan on participating and hopefully sparking interest in others to participate. I think it is distasteful and ridiculous that these women have been mistreated because of a simple piece of cloth. What make me the angriest is how these horrible people try to defend themselves. They claim that a veil oppresses women. Pardon my French but: THAT IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF BULL-SHIT EVER!!!! These women are CHOOSING to wear a veil, they have not been FORCED to wear it.

Yes, I am completely aware that there are women who are forced to wear veils against their will and I do think that it is unacceptable. However, that is not always the case and besides there are a lot more women being oppressed by other means. Hell American women are being oppressed every day by advertising and clothing lines bashing the idea into their heads that they have to be fifty pounds, have size DD knockers, have an ass like J-Lo, and wear see-through bikinis and Daisy Dukes to be considered pretty. These women are expressing their individuality as well as showing devotion to their god/goddess. They are not oppressed, expect by bigots and assholes who harass them and try to force them to remove their veils.
Rosie the Riveter covering her hair with a bandana

Sojourner Truth wearing a head covering
Clearly these women were not oppressed. Both Rosie and Sojourner Truth are symbols of women's rights and equal treatment for all. Their choice in covering their heads is just that, a choice.

They also try to claim that their are being patriotic because veils support the Muslim and Islamic faiths. Number 1: SO THE FUCK WHAT! Who cares if they are Muslim or Islamic or Buddhist or from freaking Mars. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! I am sick and tired of people claiming that people who are Middle Eastern or Muslim or Islamic are American hating, women oppressing, terrorists. Yes, the people responsible for 9/11 and all of that hateful stuff happened to be Islamic. That does not mean that every single person who is part of that faith is a terrorist. Number 2: VEILS DO NOT EQUAL MUSLIM OR ISLAMIC!! Come on people, if you are going to be hateful and pigheaded at least do your homework and do it right. Veils are not exclusive to the Muslim or Islamic faiths.
Catholic nuns during service wearing the traditional habit
First Lady Nancy Reagan wearing a veil with the Pope
Orthodox Jewish women wearing head coverings
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France (Catholic)
wearing a veil
So lets stop the excuses and the bigotry and let people be. Like I said before, it's none of our business if a woman chooses to cover her hair. They are not being oppressed and they are not supporting a terrorist faction. They are just supporting their belief that women can choose to wear whatever they want while showing their devotion to their deity.

I ask everyone to go to the Covered in Light blog as well as their sister blog It's Only Cloth and read more about women who veil and the Annual International Covered in Light Day.

As always thanks for reading and Blessed Be!!

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